Salminol Extract Powder


    Salminol Extract Powder

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    Pure salmon extract powder,  made from the freshest and most protein-rich Salmon flesh.

    This completely soluble additive has a very unique amino acid profile, loaded with peptides and minerals that creates a strong feeding reaction in carp, even in low water temperatures. Great to use in winter time. As this is a totally natural product there is no limit to its use, in fact the more you are able to use the better the attraction will be - comparable with the use of GLM. 

    100% soluble in water, hygroscopic

    available in 100 gr tub 


    Recommended dosage per kg dry mix:

    In carpbait use from 10 gr to 40 gr. 
    In special (hook)bait or in wintertime the inclusion levels can go up to around 100 gr/kg 


    Protein           90%
    Fat         2% min
    ash         6% max
    salt         2.5% max

    Average amino content (g / 100g protein):

    Alanine 8.6 Methionine    2.0
    Arginine 4.2 Phenylalanine    2.7
    Aspartic acid 5.5 Proline 5.8  
    Cysteine 0.6 Serine 3.9
    Glutamic acid      8.6 Taurine 1.6
    Glutamine 13.9      Threonine 3.1
    Histidine 2.2 Tryptophan 0.7
    Isoleucine 2.7 Tyrosine 1.6
    Leucine 4.9 Valine 3.3
    Lysine 5.3