BetaStim Liquid Betaine

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      heeft iets weg van krill maar dan zoeter. gooi het door de stinkmix en soak hier mijn bollen in.

BetaStim Liquid Betaine

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This is the natural betaine derived from sugar beet.

This betaine has been developed into a very user-friendly dark coloured Liquid Betaine which gives anglers great flexibility in applying it to different bait forms. This powerful product allows pellets, particles and other bait items to be soaked with a sweet, soluble and highly attractive liquid that stimulates feeding in conditions where fish may not otherwise feed.

It can be used to make your own dips, soaks, flavours etc. It is save to use with pva bags, for it will not melt pva. 

Very effective to freeze baits in a strong solution of BetaStim in order to allow fast rehydration for better effect / bait respons.

Product character: watersoluble, sweet, dark thick fluid, pva-friendly

Dosage direction:

For use in fishbait around 10 – 30ml per kg bait

In 500ml Bottle