Custom Popups Service

Custom popups for Company's 


We offer custom popup rolling service for your (Bait) Company or Tackleshop. Totally different from today's mass production popups.

Anything is possible, custom rolled with the additives, ingredients, flavours, triggers & in the color of your choice.


We own a wide selection of the most strongest, purest additives, (powder) flavours & essential oils available in today's market.

We work with the Best / Most Buoyant Milk Protein Popupmix available.


It is also possible to send in your own flavours / additives to be rolled in your custom popups. Feel free to contact us for info.


Prices depending on your wishes.


Your custom popups can be fresh rolled Delivered in 50 / 80 / 100 gram pots, or sealed bags to fill up your own pots.

With carpbaits sticker & label or blanco. Anything is possible. Prices depending on your wishes, the more (extra) additives u want, the more expensiver it gets.

Extra hard popups is also an option.



Handmade sizes : 12mm , 14mm , 16mm , 18mm, 20mm , 22mm , 24mm


Machine rolled sizes : 14mm , 14x12db , 18x16mm db , 18mm


( Handmade popups are more expensive than the machine rolled ones, due to the extra work time)






Extra Coating for popups

Fine hempseeds

Fine crayfish meal

Fine squidmeal

Fine shrimp meal

Fine maggot meal

Fine gammarus

Fine silkworm

Poppy seeds